Why myReLeaf? 


myReLeaf is the only verified drug-free solution which can be used in moments of distress for immediate relief, and daily, for long-term effectiveness.  


What is myReLeaf? 


myReLeaf is a portable drug-free device which: 

  1. Guides you to regulate your breathing pattern via simple-to-use feedback that adapts to your own performance 
  1. Stimulates your senses by aromatherapy, and with its quad-sensory design. Consequently, it helps to achieve calmness efficiently, in a very short period, whenever and wherever you are.  With regular use, it decreases chronic stress and anxiousness.  


Why is myReLeaf better than breathing slowly on my own? 


Simply put, myReLeaf enables you to achieve calm more effectively, and effortlessly, particularly in situations when it is hard to achieve it by yourself. Reducing elevated sympathetic activity is the key to slowing down your breathing.  This is done controlled by altering learning your unique breathing pattern and prolonging your exhalation. [Text Wrapping Break]  


Unfortunately, this is not easy to do on your own, even for highly-trained individuals.  On top of that, regulating your breathing on your own requires mental activity which elevates sympathetic activity rather than lowering it, making relaxation even harder to achieve. 


Combining the myReLeaf aromatherapy element with the automated control allows you to reach deeper levels of relaxation much faster than could be managed on your own. 



Does myReLeaf contain any drugs or other pharmaceuticals? 


No, myReLeaf doesnt contain any substances or drugs other than the aromatherapy element.  



Can my child use myReLeaf? 


If your child can follow the feedback, he or she can use myReLeaf. We have users who have given myReleaf to their children to help them manage their anxiousness with some amazing results. See our testimonials. 


What is the recommended use for myReLeaf? 


We recommend using myReLeaf every time you feel anxious and/or distressed or overwhelmed,  in addition to regular use, at least once a day, for 3 minutes.  


Studies have shown myReLeaf delivers a significant reduction in anxiety, arousal, and worry when it is used 3 times daily, for 3 minutes during each session. 


Why do I want to De-stress? 


Your anxiety and stress are harming your psychological well-being and, in many cases, are affecting many different aspects of your life and behavior.  This can drive you to avoid specific places or situations, be less productive, less focused, and less happy. In addition to that, there are many health problems linked to stress, such as heart disease, headaches, obesity, depression, gastrointestinal problems, asthma, diabetes, accelerated aging, and much more. Using myReLeaf to manage your stress and anxiety levels can significantly improve your quality of life and help to ease these related conditions. 




What makes myReLeaf different? 


The option to use it whenever and wherever you are for immediate relief as well as the option to use it daily for long-term effects without needing to change your daily routine. In addition, it has a modern, sophisticated design which is very easy to use; it is scientifically tested, and it is both drug-free and safe.  


Can I share myReLeaf with my partner, friend, or coworker? 


No. myReLeaf is a personal device and cant be sterilized properly by the user. 


Is myReLeaf a medically certified device? 


myReLeaf has received FCC, CE approval. As myReLeaf is a consumer device aimed at personal health and well-being, there is no need for it to be medically certified. 


Can myReLeaf work without the aromatherapy element? 


myReLeaf will guide you to regulate your breathing patterns with no dependency on the aromatherapy element but it might take a longer time to achieve relaxation without them and the user experience will be less fulfilling without the smell sense stimulation. 


Can myReLeaf be used with medications?  


myReLeaf can be safely used alongside medications. Please note, we strongly recommend that you consult your doctor before use if you are taking medication regularly.  


Is myReLeaf safe? 


Yes, myReLeaf has no contraindications and there are no known side effects. Since myReLeaf is a device and not a drug, there is no concern for drug interactions. 


It is advisable not to use myReLeaf while driving. As with all breathing exercises, we suggest that you consult with your physician if you suffer or have suffered in the past from a chronic disease, have a pacemaker, or if you are pregnant. 


Is there anyone who shouldnt use myReLeaf? 


myReLeaf poses no known medical risk. However, as with all breathing exercises, we suggest that you consult with your physician if you suffer or have suffered in the past from a chronic disease, have a pacemaker or if you are pregnant. 



Can myReLeaf replace therapy? 


myReLeaf has very different objectives than therapy. We have users who were able to manage their anxiety and stress amazingly well by using myReLeaf without going to a therapy, and we have users who have added the use of myReLeaf on top of their therapy to achieve better results.  



How can my company become a reseller or distributor of myReLeaf Products? 


Please fill out the Contact Us form at the bottom of this page and our sales representatives will contact you.