"I love taking myReLeaf with me when I travel. On my most recent trip, I got stuck in traffic on the way to the airport and felt anxious about missing my flight. The only thing I could do in that moment was to stay calm, and myReLeaf helped immediately. I also like having it on flights, because I am an anxious flyer.  Using myReLeaf for just a few minutes gives me an immediate sense of calm, mentally and physically. It's an incredibly simple, yet effective, device. I am SO grateful to have discovered it! "

R., 32 years old


"I take myReLeaf with me everywhere I go, school, shopping, social meetings, and more…  

Even when I don't use it, knowing it's with me always makes me feel calm. My teachers also know that, if I'm anxious, I  take  myReLeaf with me outside for a few minutes to calm down. Both the fragrance and the deep breaths help me stop the attack and relax. Anyone that uses it will experience a much calmer life.”  

G.,16 years old


“Thanks, myReLeaf - you gave me my breath back. My anxiousness has lessened greatly, but I still have it with me for emergencies.”

H., 27 years old


“As a mother to an anxious child, I constantly look for solutions and ways to help my daughter.  When I heard about myReLeaf, I was a bit skeptical, but I was willing to try anything that might assist her. My daughter started using myReLeaf and learned how to calm herself.  Not only did her attacks become considerably weaker and less frequent, but she became more confident, knowing she can overcome anxiousness by herself.  Thanks to myReLeaf, my daughter is much calmer and got her confidence back. I know that, even if she feels anxious again, she has the tools to overcome it. I thank you with all my heart, and I assure you I will whole heartedly recommend myReLeaf to others. Thank you! Thank you ! Thank you!”

S., a mother to an 8-year-old girl


"Using myReLeaf helped me feel calmer and less stressed  during the exam periods and the exams. When using it,  I was also able to concentrate for longer periods of time and stay focused. Thank you!"

R., 27 years old student


"I used myReLeaf throughout  the delivery - from the first contraction until the baby was almost out. It helped me to stay focused, especially after a few contractions, when you often lose the ability to breath.  In addition, I like the scent,  so the overall experience  was great. Almost all the people who saw me using it (secretaries, midwifes etc.) said it is a brilliant device….”

M., a new mother


"By using myReLeaf, my son has the confidence to overcome stress on his own. I recommend that he use myReLeaf on a regular basis, and he is slowly getting used to it. As an energetic boy who doesn’t like to sleep, he also uses myReLeaf to relax before bedtime ."  

C., a mother to a 7-year-old boy


"myReLeaf made me feel confident prior to the delivery. It helped me practice deep breathing and learn  the right breathing pattern. It is  friendly, easy  to use, and aesthetic."

T., a new mother


"MyReleaf helps me a lot, not only with my mental state but also with the related physical symptoms. For instance, one time, I went through a period of intense stress at work that resulted in a week long severe stomach ache. A single use of the device reduced the pain to about half, and a few more uses made it  go away altogether. The stress also dissipated, and I felt I could think clearly again. On another occasion, a family conflict caused so much stress and anxiety I experienced insomnia. A single use at bedtime gave me a good night’s sleep. Thanks to myReleaf, I went through this conflict feeling calm, confident, and in control."

E., 45 years old


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